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Sleep Solution & Stress Resilience

//Sleep Solution & Stress Resilience

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We are living in the most exciting times in medicine! Rapid advances in genomic science and technology bring about unprecedented opportunities. Our FIT in Your GENES® program offers the most up-to-date personalized genetic and metabolic profile to help you achieve weight loss, blood pressure control, improvement in blood glucose and cholesterol. It is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-aging program that sets you on the path to optimal wellness and longevity.

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Sleep Solution & Stress Resilience

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Building stress resiliency is an essential survival skill. Many if not all chronic conditions are closely linked to chronic stress states, associated with disrupted cortisol secretion, elevated inflammatory markers, and visceral adiposity. Ongoing stress disrupts sleep, affects our food choices, and creates a downward spiral that propels us toward disease states.

One cannot avoid stress but modifying your response to it can be taught, and when practiced regularly has tremendous health benefits. Whether you are an expert in mindfulness, just starting, or get fulfillment through hobbies, community groups, social and outdoor activity, all work to build your stress resilience.

We use assessment of heart rate variability and in-office as well as mobile training sessions to teach you a series of simple breathing exercises that are known to remarkably increase your stress resilience. Dr. Druz is a HeartMath® certified practitioner who uses this scientifically validated approach with her patients.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is associated with atrial fibrillation, hypertension, stroke and heart failure as well as weight loss resistance. Using a simple, non-invasive home testing device WatchPAT (Itamar Medical), we provide a total sleep solution to help our patients decrease their inflammation and oxidative stress, and lessen the impact or eliminate OSA-related conditions.

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"Dr. Druz is a caring, supportive professional. She listens and discuss options so that a personal plan is developed. She is highly intelligent and it is easy to develop a rapport with her. You know you are in good hands."

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