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Fit in Your GENES® Hormonicity

// Fit in Your GENES® Hormonicity

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We are living in the most exciting times in medicine! Rapid advances in genomic science and technology bring about unprecedented opportunities. Our Fit in Your GENES® program offers the most up-to-date personalized genetic and metabolic profile to help you achieve weight loss, blood pressure control, improvement in blood glucose and cholesterol. It is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-aging program that sets you on the path to optimal wellness and longevity.

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Fit in Your GENES® Hormonicity

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Let Your Hormones be the Agents of Change

Our in-depth approach to hormones investigates fatigue, anxiety, weight gain/weight loss resistance, low libido, brain fog and a myriad of other symptoms related to hormonal imbalances. We investigate root causes for all of your symptoms, and focus on metabolic, thyroid/adrenal and hormonal balance in men and women. Our extensive evaluation also addresses environmental exposures.

Our personalized functional medicine approach uses direct-to-consumer genetic testing in addition to advanced vascular, metabolic, inflammation, lipid, hormone and toxicity evaluation to create a structured and tailored plan to stabilize and reverse hormonal abnormalities. Restoration of normal function, energy and vitality are important goals for our patients. Vitamins, supplements, peptides and bioidentical hormonal replacementsand functional foods are integral components of our programs. All programs are physician-supervised.

Offered as a 6 or 12 month program, the Fit in Your GENES® Hormonicity requires one or more in person visits (some visits can be virtual) and a combination of standard and advanced testing. The following features are specific to the program: advanced biomarker and hormone levels testing, saliva and urine testing, genetic analysis.

Please contact our Patient Coordinator with any questions about our programs or appointment types. Many of our patients start with an integrative cardiac or functional medicine evaluation, and progress into genomic consults or Fit In Your GENES® program.

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"Dr. Druz is an excellent integrative cardiologist who takes the time to clearly explain and answer questions regarding the spectrum of causes and treatments, broader testing available, possible supplementation, and needed dietary changes to provide a more personal action plan beyond simply taking the usual drugs and doing little else."

- John C.