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How To Tell You’ve Healed Your Inflammation

Inflammation is an immune response sent directly from the body. It’s a way for the body to protect itself against harmful stimuli. Without inflammation, the body wouldn't be able to heal from any infections or [...]

Having High LDL Raises Risk For A Cardiac Event

Cholesterol helps your body in many ways: building new cells, producing hormones and insulating nerves. Although the liver makes all the cholesterol your body needs, it can also enter the body from the food you [...]

Hormonal Imbalances and Your Diet

Hormones play a critical role in stimulating appetite, adding extra weight, and slowing down your metabolism. If you are looking for a holistic nutritionist on Long Island, Carolina Brooks and Jacqueline Thompson are our certified [...]

Holistic Health During the Holidays

Regardless of where you are, the holidays are a time for family, laughs, and food. During the holidays, it can be overwhelming to stick to a healthy diet with so much delicious food sitting around [...]

Inflammation And Your Lymphatic System

Our body is capable of self-healing, but it doesn’t always heal itself. Why is that? When the lymphatic system, the system which cleans your body, neglects its duty, waste doesn’t get carried out, and the [...]

Is Aspirin An Effective Intervention For Cardiac Risk Patients? A Recent Study Explored:

Over the past century, there has been a dramatic increase in life expectancy leading to a demographic shift toward an aging society. Maintaining good health in older individuals has become a public health aim, but [...]

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