Tips For Staying Active This Winter

Sometimes, the winter season can make people want to stay in their warm houses and relax under a cozy blanket. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this activity, it's important to remember to stay active too! At Integrative Cardiology Center Of Long Island, we know the struggles that can come with trying to exercise [...]

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What Does It Mean To Eat “Clean”

When it comes to staying healthy and getting in shape, too few people realize how important eating healthy is for their health. At Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island, we understand the connection between a proper diet and heart health. Making even just a few changes to what you consume can have a plethora of [...]

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How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure Naturally?

When you’re dealing with high blood pressure, there are many ways to overcome this circumstance. Some physicians will prescribe medication however there are other alternatives. If you’re looking to fix your blood pressure problem naturally, our team at the Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island is here to help. We take a holistic view of [...]

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Best Vitamins and Minerals For Heart Health

Many people equate having a healthy heart to living an active lifestyle. While exercise plays a crucial role in this concept, the most vital factor involves keeping track of what you eat. At the Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island, our expert staff knows what it takes to keep your heart healthy. We want to [...]

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How Does Gut Health Affect The Heart?

At the Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island, our team understands the importance of maintaining good heart health. While some may be unaware, your gut health plays a pivotal role in keeping your heart healthy. To learn more about this connection, and what you can do to help yourself and others, please schedule an appointment [...]

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What Foods Help To Lower Cholesterol?

Monitoring your diet may be one of the most important aspects of staying healthy. Consuming certain foods may increase bodily inflammation which over time can increase your cholesterol levels. Conversely, some foods can help to reduce inflammation preventing or reducing cholesterol levels. At the Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island, we know how important nutrition [...]

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What Teas Are Good For The Heart?

At Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island, our team understands the benefits of taking a holistic approach to heart health. While there are a multitude of factors that play a role in your cardiovascular health, monitoring what you eat and drink is essential. If you’re committed to keeping your heart as healthy as possible, increasing [...]

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