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Being Sedentary Is As Bad As Heart Disease: New Study Suggests

The Internet Problem Let’s face it, along with the impressive technological advancements we’ve made over the past decades, there are some not-so-impressive tradeoffs that accompany it. We have constructed a life so efficient we could order a car while lying in bed and in the same breath order Chinese food. This kind of overly efficient [...]

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How To Tell You’ve Healed Your Inflammation

Inflammation is an immune response sent directly from the body. It’s a way for the body to protect itself against harmful stimuli. Without inflammation, the body wouldn't be able to heal from any infections or wounds. All forms of inflammation aren’t good though. Rather than just taking medication to ease your pain or diminish the [...]

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Having High LDL Raises Risk For A Cardiac Event

Cholesterol helps your body in many ways: building new cells, producing hormones and insulating nerves. Although the liver makes all the cholesterol your body needs, it can also enter the body from the food you consume, such as animal-based products like eggs, milk, and meat. High levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol may increase your risk [...]

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Hormonal Imbalances and Your Diet

Hormones play a critical role in stimulating appetite, adding extra weight, and slowing down your metabolism. If you are looking for a holistic nutritionist on Long Island, Carolina Brooks and Jacqueline Thompson are our certified nutritionists and dieticians at Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island. Contact us today to learn more about how hormonal imbalances [...]

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Holistic Health During the Holidays

Regardless of where you are, the holidays are a time for family, laughs, and food. During the holidays, it can be overwhelming to stick to a healthy diet with so much delicious food sitting around in abundance. Luckily, following a healthy set of tips can assist you in staying healthy throughout this holiday season. Eating [...]

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Inflammation And Your Lymphatic System

Our body is capable of self-healing, but it doesn’t always heal itself. Why is that? When the lymphatic system, the system which cleans your body, neglects its duty, waste doesn’t get carried out, and the body enters an inflammatory state. At ICCLI, our functional medicine doctor on Long Island can help improve your quality of [...]

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Is Aspirin An Effective Intervention For Cardiac Risk Patients? A Recent Study Explored:

Over the past century, there has been a dramatic increase in life expectancy leading to a demographic shift toward an aging society. Maintaining good health in older individuals has become a public health aim, but cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of disability and death, therefore, a solution to these diseases has become a top [...]

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Diabetes Awareness Month

The entire month of November is dedicated to awareness of diabetes, a disease affecting 422 million globally and resulting in the death of 1.6 million people worldwide in 2016. According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 3 adults aged over 18 are overweight, and 1 in 10 are obese. Type 1 diabetes, or insulin-dependent [...]

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How To Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural way of healing itself, as well as a defense against invaders, such as viruses and bacteria, and can repair damaged tissue -- essentially, it’s a vital part of our immune system. Without inflammation, wounds would worsen and infections would have the potential to become deadly, although, it plays a part [...]

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How To Prevent, Manage And Reverse Prediabetes

Prediabetes is a condition where a person has higher than normal blood sugar levels, essentially on the cusp of full-blown diabetes. Your body produces insulin which controls your blood sugar but when a person is considered prediabetic, this system does not work properly creating an environment where blood sugar is unmanageable. It’s not enough to [...]

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