Natural Relief for Heartburn

What is heartburn?

Heartburn is caused when some of the contents of the stomach are pushed back into the esophagus. This condition, also known as acid reflux, is a somewhat common occurrence in most people’s lives. However, if this occurs often, more than twice a week, then you may have a condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease. There are many options for relief when it comes to heartburn, but in this article, we will talk about some natural remedies for heartburn.

Symptoms of heartburn are generally straightforward and easily recognizable. The most common symptoms include a few of the following:

  • A warm or burning feeling in the chest or throat.
  • A rising pain that may extend into the jaw.
  • An acidic, foul, or weird taste in the mouth.

While the main cause for heartburn is the food you eat, such as spicy or acidic foods, it can stem from a deeper issue. If you experience heartburn very often or are using anti-heartburn medicines and remedies with no relief, it is time to see a doctor. Our cardiologist at the Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island can help you today by providing you with some natural remedies for heart health.

Natural remedies for heartburn

While there are plenty of over the counter heartburn medicines you can use to find relief, such as antacids and H2 blockers, there are also a few options for you to find natural relief to heartburn. If neither over the counter medicines or natural remedies for heartburn work, then it may be time to seek professional assistance. Contact us and see how one of our cardiologists can provide you with natural remedies for heart health. 

Below are natural remedies for heartburn that help reduce common symptoms:

  • Baking Soda: Baking soda is a basic substance, meaning that it can help neutralize acids. Mixing in a teaspoon with a glass of water and drinking it will relieve you of that burning sensation that comes with heartburn.
  • Ginger/Ginger Tea: Ginger and ginger tea is often used to aid with many stomach related issues, including stomach aches and nausea. But another excellent use of ginger is to help with heartburn. Drinking a little ginger tea before a meal or mixing in ginger to your meals when cooking them can reduce the effect of heartburn or avoid the complications completely.
  • Chewing gum: Chewing gum after a meal has shown to bring some relief for heartburn symptoms. Chewing gum makes you salivate and swallow, which can dilute or even clear the acid from your esophagus. Chewing gum for up to 30 minutes after a meal has been known to help provide relief.
  • Keeping your upper body up: You should avoid lying down for up to 3 hours after a meal. Lying down after eating can induce heartburn, and if you already have heartburn, lying down can make it worse. Instead, standing up with a straight posture reduces pressure on the sphincter, the muscle that helps stop stomach acid from leaking into your esophagus. If you have recurring heartburn issues, sleeping with your upper body slightly elevated can help reduce symptoms.



Are you looking for natural remedies for heart health?

If these natural remedies do not help you with your heartburn problems, then you may need to try some over the counter medicines. You can use antacids, H2 blockers, and proton pump inhibitors for heartburn relief. If none of these options are providing any relief, your symptoms worsen, or you have had many heartburn episodes in a short period of time, it is time for professional help. Call us at Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island to make an appointment with a cardiologist and get relief today.

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