Ways To Reduce Stress And Help Your Heart

Living a life filled with stress can be extremely unpleasant and uncomfortable. Not to mention, stress can also be detrimental to your heart health. High levels of stress have been linked to an increased likelihood of heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain, and irregular heartbeats. The team at Integrated Cardiology Center of Long Island can offer the below advice on how you can work to reduce your stress levels and, in turn, reduce the risk of stress-related heart problems.


Physical activity is one of the easiest and most effective ways to manage stress levels. Though a single workout can have you feeling better, there are more benefits to be had when exercising regularly. Exercise works to reduce stress levels by:

  • Releasing natural stress-relieving hormones. 
  • Improving your quality of sleep, which can improve your daily mood.
  • Boosting your self-confidence, making you feel less anxious. 

Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Almost everyone is guilty of needing a cup of coffee before starting their morning. However, consuming too much caffeine can leave many people feeling anxious throughout the day. Consider skipping that extra cup of coffee, or even cutting it out completely if possible. 

Eat A Healthy Diet

Monitoring the foods you eat is also an effective way to manage your stress. While eating unhealthy foods may leave you feeling full, your body will not receive the nutrients necessary for optimal health and performance. Your body will likely become “starved” of these nutrients, causing you to become agitated or even more stressed. Sticking to a well-balanced, nutritious diet will help keep your heart healthy and your mood stress-free.

Avoid Procrastination

One of the most common causes of stress is also the simplest to avoid. Procrastination is something that happens by choice, by allowing responsibilities to pile up and causing a simple task to become more daunting and stressful than it ever needed to be. By properly managing your time, you can avoid procrastination and the stress that often comes along with it. 

Integrated Cardiology Center of Long Island

While stress is something that we are all likely to experience at some point in our lives, we can still work to avoid or reduce its effects. If we don’t take all of the steps necessary to avoid and reduce stress, our heart health may suffer as a result. Here at Integrated Cardiology Center of Long Island, we are committed to helping all of our patients achieve optimal heart health. For more help with reducing stress levels and improving overall heart health, be sure to contact us today!

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