New Tool Helps Alert the Public to Unlawfully Marketed Dietary Supplement Ingredients

Dietary supplements are vitamins, minerals, and other dietary ingredients that are consumed as a pill, capsule, tablet, powder, or another form. Many Americans take dietary supplements daily since they are essential for our health. For example, Vitamin A helps strengthen the bones, Vitamin C benefits the immune system, and Vitamin K helps with blood clotting. When visiting a holistic nutritionist on Long Island at Integrative Cardiology Center Of Long Island, we can help you identify which supplements may benefit you, and those that may not. 


When we have a deficiency of a specific vitamin, dietary supplements can help. Dietary supplements do not have to go through the testing that drugs do. As a result, the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, created the Dietary Supplement Ingredient Advisory List to notify the public when there is an ingredient unlawfully included in these supplements. The following describes some of these ingredients as of the beginning of July 2019. If you have any questions, contact a holistic nutritionist on Long Island at Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island (ICCLI). 

The List

As of the beginning of July 2019, the FDA identifies six ingredients to be unlawful. However, there are many other names these products may use. Some of the other names are listed. View the full Dietary Supplement Ingredient Advisory List here:

  • Andarine
    • GTx 007
    • SARM S-4
    • S-4 cpd
  •  Higenamine
    • Dl-demethylcoclaurine
    • (+-)-Norcolaurine
    • (R)-Higenamine
  • Hordenine
    • Anhaline
    • Eremursine
    • Peyocactine
  •  N-Methyltryamine
    • NMT
    • Methyl-4-tyramine
    • N-Methyl-tyramine
  • Octopamine
    • Analet
    • Norden
    • Nprsympatol
  • 1,4-DMAA
    • 1,4 dimethylamylamine
    • 1,4 dimethylpentylamine

What Should I Do?

If you identify any of these ingredients within your supplements, we recommend consulting with a holistic nutritionist on Long Island. Your supplement may still be okay, but reassurance from a professional will help guarantee whether or not you should toss them.

If you have had an illness related to a dietary supplement with one of these ingredients, contact a medical professional to report adverse events to the FDA.


How Can Companies Still Make Products With These Unlawful Ingredients?

Unfortunately, the dietary supplement process is not as intensive as creating drugs. As a result, the FDA will publicize these ingredients. Since the creation of the list, the Food Policy and Response did the following:

  • Sent out letters to warn eight companies using DMHA and three companies using phenibut in their dietary supplements (neither met their requirement)
  • Contacted 17 companies selling products that falsely claimed to help Alzheimer disease


Don’t Worry – A Holistic Nutritionist On Long Island Can Help!

If you used supplements with any of these ingredients, you are not in immediate fatal danger. The list will frequently evolve when new ingredients and identified and removed. It is important, though, to contact a professional with any questions you may have.

ICCLI focuses on more than just cardiovascular health. Our professionals are experienced in Genomic Consults, Sleep Solution & Stress Resilience, and more. A holistic nutritionist on Long Island can help; make an appointment with ICCLI today!

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