Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral Artery Disease is when there is reduced blood flow to your limbs due to the narrowing of the arteries. This condition makes it difficult for your blood to circulate throughout the body. This disease affects the arteries in your legs, stomach, arms, and head. The pain you may be experiencing usually goes away when you are resting, but comes back when you begin using your limbs again.


Though some cases do not always show symptoms, one of the main symptoms of this disease is leg pain (claudication). Other symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease may include the following:

  • Painful cramping in the hips and calf muscles after physical activity. 
  • Leg numbness/weakness.
  • Coldness in the lower leg or foot.
  • Change in color of legs. 
  • Shiny skin on legs. 

8.5 million people in the United States are affected by Peripheral Artery Disease. There are many causes of this disease that may make patients more susceptible. The most common cause is atherosclerosis, which is when fatty material gradually builds up in the arteries. Smoking, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure/cholesterol are all risk factors as well.  


Where Can I Get Treated? 

When left untreated, Peripheral Artery Disease can get progressively worse. Since about one-third of cases do not have symptoms, it commonly goes unnoticed or misdiagnosed. In extreme cases, this can lead to a loss of a limb due to lack of circulation. If you are in the Long Island area and are in need of a holistic cardiologist in Nassau County, the Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island (ICCLI) can help you take the next steps.


 What Can a Holistic Cardiologist in Nassau County do for me?

If you are looking for a holistic cardiologist in Nassau County to cater to your cardiac needs personalized to you, ICCLI uses a full diagnostic evaluation and treatment for all cardiovascular conditions. By using holistic treatment, the patient receives a specific and personalized treatment plan that is best suited for their needs. Our hour-long consultations include:

  • Detailed history intake.
  • In-depth review of prior tests and procedures.
  • Functional medical assessments.

 Some of our holistic processes include:

  • Validated metabolic assessment.
  • Genetic testing.
  • Holistic nutrition.
  • Personalized selection of nutraceuticals.

If you feel that you have any symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease or any concerns regarding your cardiovascular health, book an appointment with us today and meet with a holistic cardiologist in Nassau County.

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