Why Should You Be Attending Nutritional Counseling

When the summertime arrives, it is often hard to stay on top of your good eating habits. Social gatherings and other outdoor events often don’t feature the healthiest of food options to select. If you are struggling to maintain a strong and balanced diet, visit a holistic nutritionist in Nassau County today to help fix your summer eating habits.

The importance of nutrition: 

Excellent health requires you to have sufficient nutrition, a well-balanced diet, and a consistent exercise routine. We take in nutrients from the meals we consume, so good nutrition goes beyond just eating random food to fulfill your hunger. It is often hard to know what to eat when to eat, and how much to eat. This is why visiting a holistic nutritionist in Nassau County is a great idea! A nutritionist is an expert in the field of food and nutrition and can advise you on what to eat in order to live a healthy lifestyle.


When is it time for nutritional counseling? 

Besides wanting to maintain a better diet, here are some of the important reasons you should nutritional advice: 

  • If you think you may have an allergy: a nutritionist can help you cut out the foods you are allergic to while still enforcing a well-balanced regime.
  • If you have heartburn/acid reflux: visiting a nutritionist can lessen your symptoms by making sure you are eating foods that will not increase the pain. 
  • If you have high cholesterol: a nutritionist will guide you to the correct foods so that you can reduce your chances of heart problems in the future. 
  • If the food you are eating is making your stomach upset: Sometimes you may not even realize that the food you are consuming may be causing your stomach pain. A nutritionist can pinpoint what is bothering you and will help you avoid that food as well as recommend healthier alternatives.

If you suffer from any of the above issues, get the assistance you need from a great holistic nutritionist in Nassau County.  


At the Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island, we have an outstanding weight loss program that can work for all types of people known as FIT in Your GENES. In this program, you are partnered with a holistic nutritionist that provides you with weekly visits, a supplement plan, and daily meal selections. If you are someone who is looking to change your eating habits and lose the unnecessary weight from frequent summer eating, book an appointment today to join our program and get the help you need from a holistic nutritionist in Nassau County.  

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