What It Means To Be A Holistic Cardiologist

Holistic medicine is a form of medicine that focuses on healing the complete body and strives for optimal wellness. Here at the Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island, we believe in the overall patient being our priority, and that their disease or condition does not define them. Holistic medicine is uniquely able to dive deeper into the “why” as far as why your body is reacting this way. Why did this disease or condition occur in the first place, and how can we now take the right steps to improve the bodies function as a whole going forward? If you are looking for a holistic cardiologist in Nassau County, contact us today and check out our online patient questionnaires.


What is Holistic Cardiology?

Prevention and treatment is the overall goal of holistic cardiology. We focus on helping the heart and circulatory system work as efficiently as possible by treating both the underlying causes as well as the symptoms. First, we will perform testing that is relevant to your symptoms. At ICCLI our holistic cardiologist in Nassau County uses comprehensive testing with personal evaluations. We will also look at a variety of different factors including your environment, genetics, diet, lifestyle, and any existing medications. We will thoroughly review the results and factors to come up with a personalized approach for the preventive measure as well as effective treatment steps. We are open to combining our holistic methods with any conventional approaches that we see fit. We know when a mixture of natural and traditional methods will better assist the patient towards a better outcome.


Should You Visit Our Holistic Cardiologist in Nassau County?

Holistic medicine is a different view on how to take care of your body, a take on viewing your body as a whole. At ICCLI, we focus on treating the problems with your heart by looking at your body as a whole and determining the source. In holistic medicine, it is key to find the root cause of how the problem surfaced so we can tackle it in the best method possible. Everyone is different and everyone’s treatment should be uniquely accustomed to the patient. Contact us today at ICCLI to see how we can help you!

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