Woman’s Heart Health Summit 2019

Women’s Heart Health Summit:

It’s been found that most research previously done on heart disease has been based on men. Yet, more women are dying from heart disease yearly than men are. This is why the Women’s Heart Health Summit was started. For heart disease in women, we need to look at different prevention, diagnosis, and treatment methods. Click here to join Dr. Regina Druz and 35+ healthcare innovators for a free online summit February 4-10 to learn more about heart disease symptoms and ways you can work on bettering your health.

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, in the U.S. alone one in every four women will die due to heart disease. While the more common form of heart disease is Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), there are other forms of heart disease that affect people as well. CHD is the leading cause for both men and women across the U.S, but the other forms of heart disease, such as MVD or broken heart disease tend to have a larger effect on women over men.

Different types of heart disease:

  • Coronary Heart Disease  
    • CHD is the result of plaque build up in the inner walls of our coronary arteries
  • Coronary Microvascular Disease (affects the walls and inner linings of the tiny coronary blood vessels)
    • MVD happens when the tiny arteries in your heart are damaged or diseased
    • MVD is more likely to happen to women due to the drop in estrogen levels during menopause
  • Broken Heart Syndrome
    • Extreme stress can lead to severe heart muscle failure
    • Usually is short-term and a full recovery is often the end result

Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island:

One of the speakers at the Women’s Heart Health Summit happens to be Dr. Druz of Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island. At ICCLI we take a personalized approach to treating heart disease. Through functional medicine and holistic cardiology, we’ll not only work towards treating your heart issues but also helping you work towards living a healthier life. We offer a few different programs that cater to specific health needs affecting the heart. The programs we offer at ICCLI include:

  • Genomic Consults
  • Sleep Solution and Stress Resilience
  • FIT in your Genes Weight Loss Program
  • FIT in your Genes Holistic Heart Health

Now that you know Dr. Druz will be participating, don’t forget to stay updated on the Women’s Heart Health Summit live on February 4-10 and again for a special encore weekend the 16th and 17th!

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