How To Tell You’ve Healed Your Inflammation

Inflammation is an immune response sent directly from the body. It’s a way for the body to protect itself against harmful stimuli. Without inflammation, the body wouldn’t be able to heal from any infections or wounds. All forms of inflammation aren’t good though. Rather than just taking medication to ease your pain or diminish the inflammation, visiting our holistic nutritionist on Long Island could be the right treatment option for you. At ICCLI we focus our treatment methods around the patient. By incorporating functional foods, supplements, and vitamins, we can find the perfect fit for you.

Symptoms of inflammation:

Inflammation can affect you in a number of ways. Whether it’s a minor irritation or a chronic issue, there are various symptoms to look out for. Some symptoms you may be experiencing can include:

  • Fatigue
  • Chest pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Joint pain
  • Frequent swelling
  • Rashes

Signs of inflammation healing:

You can take care of your inflammation in a number of different natural ways. It shouldn’t be dependent always on medications. With the help of our holistic nutritionist on Long Island, our team at ICCLI can work with you on your healing process. Inflammation can affect the inside and outside of your body. So if you are in the process of getting rid of your inflammation, you may notice some of these changes:

  1. You no longer suffer from gas, bloating, or constipation
  2. Your skin issues are clearing up
  3. Your metabolism is speeding up
  4. You’re able to lose that extra weight
  5. Anxiety and depression aren’t affecting you
  6. Your immune system is stronger
  7. You sleep peacefully throughout the night
  8. You’re feeling more energetic
  9. You aren’t low on nutrients

How can our holistic nutritionist on Long Island help?

Healing your inflammation is never just a one-time thing. It’s something you need to work on consistency. By enlisting of the help of our team at ICCLI, you’ll be getting a custom-made treatment plan for you and your goals. We will first go through a detailed evaluation to help us pinpoint where we can help. We have various programs that can provide aid in reducing your inflammation. By making an appointment with our holistic nutritionist on Long Island, you will be taking the right steps toward riding your inflammation.

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