Make 2018 Your Year Of Holistic Health

Another year has come and gone, with many of us making new year’s resolutions to change our lives for the better in 2018. Some people will buy a new gym membership, where others will promise themselves to have a healthier diet. Although these resolutions are great ideas to have, specificity will be key to making them a reality. Goals like “going to the gym 5 days a week” versus “getting active” have been proven to be more effective.


Another popular resolution is “getting healthy.” Although it is something everyone should strive for, a holistic and healthy life, it involves many components in order to be done optimally. Using these individual components when setting new year’s resolutions will also garner the most success.


Holistic practices use the body’s natural ability to heal itself in order to treat injuries and pains. While living a holistic lifestyle sounds difficult, here are some individual goals that will change your day-to-day routine for the better:
  •  Take time to relax– Over 75 percent of Americans report experiencing moderate levels of stress the past 30 days. Practicing deep breaths and relaxation exercises can help reduce your stress levels and improve your overall health
  • Eat and drink natural, unprocessed foods – Take the time to read your ingredient labels and avoid foods or drinks with artificial chemicals. You will not only stave off inflammation but your body will better digest and metabolize the things you consume.
  • Supplements – Taking the right supplements will also better enable your body to fight inflammation and get the necessary nutrients it needs. Although it is best to consume most of your nutrients from your diet, a supplement is exactly that – filling in the gaps. For help selecting the right supplements, contact our office.
  • Beauty products – It is not only important to monitor the ingredients you ingest but it’s also important to be vigilant with the topical products we use. Seeking all-natural skincare, cosmetics, and hair care will reduce the chemicals absorbed the body, therefore not undoing all of the hard work done diet-wise.
  • Exercise -Staying active daily whether it’s getting your 10,000 steps in through daily activities, vigorous sessions at the gym, or simply walking your dog in the morning and at night, can have a profound effect on your overall health.
  • Spend more time outdoors – Whether it’s going for a walk outside, or going on a rigorous hike with a friend, our body’s relationship with the outdoors is very positive and can constructively change your mood for the better.
  • Embrace relationships – Living a holistic lifestyle includes a happiness and elation for being with people. Being more open to people’s opinions can help broaden your horizons and your views on different topics. Also, spending more time with family and friends can positively affect your attitude and overall mood.
While many people do not follow through with their gym memberships or a new diet, a holistic lifestyle is positive and beneficial for your overall mood and health. See how we can help you reach your goals today!

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