What is holistic cardiology?

Holistic medicine is a type of healing that doesn’t just focus on the body, but also the mind, spirit, and emotions in order to achieve total wellness. Dr. Druz practices holistic cardiology which addresses healing the whole person in her approach to use functional medicine as well as the treatment of cardiovascular disease and cardiac disease risk factors.

Holistic cardiology at Dr. Druz’s steps aside from traditional medication and can range from conventional medication to alternative therapies to treat a patient. The treatment typically does not use medication or surgery but instead uses diet, lifestyles, and therapies in order to achieve total health. Dr. Druz offers validated metabolic assessments, genetic testing, holistic nutrition and personalized selection of nutraceuticals. Dr. Druz focuses on the root causes of the disease, such as inflammation and metabolic imbalances.

There are many holistic approaches that can be taken when treating cardiac conditions. Dr. Druz first has a consultation with each of her patients and then is able to come to a diagnosis after examination. The holistic cardiology treatment combines diet, exercise, nutritional counseling, and vitamins and supplements in order to treat the condition without any invasive treatments or medications. There are many important principles in holistic medical practices, some of them are

  • Embracing a variety of safe, effective options in the diagnosis and treatment
  • Searching for underlying causes of the disease
  • Discovering not only what kind of disease a patient has but what kind of patient has a disease
  • Illness affects a whole person, not just an isolated event
  • Healing occurs easier when a relationship is established between the physician and patient
  • Optimism about the patient’s health is very important

If you or someone you know is interested in learning about or trying holistic cardiology on Long Island schedule an appointment with Dr. Druz at 516-746-1103 or visit our website http://iccli.com for more information.

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