Should you be using adaptogens?

Today many people on Long Island are consciously trying to find natural substances instead of pharmaceuticals for healing. This is where adaptogens come in. First off, what are adaptogens? They are nontoxic, natural substances that work with a person’s body to help them adapt, mostly known for a reduction in stress. In addition, recent data suggests adaptogens may be helpful for balancing neurotransmitters, and exerting an antioxidant response. The reason adaptogens work so well for dealing with stress and fatigue is because they influence the balance of important hormones, such as DHEA, cortisol, and insulin as well as sex steroids (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone).

Adaptogens are mainly found in plants, such as Aswagandha, Rhodiola (golden root), and Holy Basil.

Some of the health benefits of using adaptogens include:

  • Balanced mood
  • Increased mental focus and physical endurance
  • Help with maintaining a healthy weight
  • Reduction in discomfort caused by poor health
  • Immune system booster

One example of a popular, well-known adaptogen is Ginseng. It is used for improving mental performance and a person’s ability to withstand stress. It can also help naturally lower blood pressure and sugar levels while serving an antioxidant and antidepressant effect.

Another well-known adaptogen is Holy Basil, also called Tulsi. Benefits of using Holy Basil include boosting your immune system, less fatigue and stress and regulating blood sugar, pressure, and hormone levels. If these are issues that you might need help regulating, ask your doctor if using Holy Basil would be helpful to you.

Now that you know the basics about adaptogens, the real question is should you be using one? It’s important to know that “one size fits all” doesn’t apply to using adaptogens. Everybody reacts differently so take care in your use of them. Also, it is important not to overdo it. Always be aware of your body and don’t burn yourself out. You can use this simple Symptom Checklist to get started.
Here at the Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island, we can help you understand more about adaptogens and how they fit in with your lifestyle finding a good balance for you. Contact us today at 516-746-1103 and we can also help you with a personalized lifestyle guidance portal to address your needs.

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