Long Island Nutrition and Wellness

It is important to be mindful to have good nutrition every day. Eating healthy and making good decisions when it comes to your health are a big part of leading a full and healthy lifestyle. Nutrition and wellness is very important for every person along with physical exercise. Both will reduce your risk for chronic disease and can help you to lose or maintain a healthy weight. One of the most common diseases affected by nutrition is heart disease.

Some ways to prevent heart disease is through the way we eat is to choose healthier foods. Comparing nutrition information from the packaging and select the one with the lowest amount of added sugars, sodium, and saturated and trans fat. Eat smaller portions and count your calorie intake every meal. You should only be consuming as many calories as you are losing through exercise. Also, prepare and eat more meals at home because you will be able to have full control over the ingredients going into each dish.

Stress is also a hindrance to heart health and wellness. Stress unfortunately affects most Long Islanders because of our busy lives and we usually do not respond in a healthy manner. There are healthier ways to reduce stress and fighting them with healthier habits.

Taking an overall focus to our nutrition and personal wellness is key to a long and healthy life. See how Dr. Druz can help you have a take a holistic approach.


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