Reducing stress for overall health

Do you suffer from stress? Stress is a dangerous health concern for people of all ages. If not taken seriously and cared for, stress can have the potential to lead to fatal conditions. Dr. Druz took this concern to heart when she founded and created the Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island.

The practice uniquely combines effective programs in nutrition, functional medicine, yoga and stress, and cardiac consultations and treatments to restore patients back on the path of optimal healthy living. Each program outlines its own benefit plan extensively, supporting you and your health every step of the way. A holistic medicine approach is the core focus of Dr. Druz, and each patient is given a personalized lifestyle medicine, tailored to their treatment and prevention of cardiac disease.

The yoga and stress program is a key proponent of this idea instilling life-long benefits of healthy living, beyond flexibility. Accessible for all yoga levels, instructors work with you to create practices of improved relaxation, breathing, and stress reduction linked to certain conditions and medications.

Patients that may be struggling with breathing disorders, complications, or recovering from surgery will experience elevated changes in mood, anxiety relief, and well-being. All yoga plans are out-laid with cardiac muscle relaxation and low-intensity exercises to achieve substantial and lasting results. Our experienced instructors have worked with patients across a variety of abilities and have advanced expertise in many facets of yoga specialties: including chair yoga, healing yoga, Thai bodywork, mindfulness, meditation and weight-loss oriented programs.

At the Integrative Cardiology Center we put your health first. Located conveniently at 121 Jericho Turnpike in Mineola, NY Dr. Druz dedicates her work to caring relationships and holistic well-being! Give her office a call today at 516-746-1103 to schedule your check up and see how she can help you get a handle on your stress.


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