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Holistic Cardiology

Contemporary cardiac care beyond medication and procedures allows you to uncover and reverse root causes of your condition.

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Functional Medicine

Uncover metabolic, hormonal, environmental and genetic factors for optimal wellness and vitality.

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Virtual Care

Connect with you doctor and our entire holistic health professional network at any time, from anywhere.

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Holistic Cardiology & Functional Medicine

The Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island (ICCLI) creates a new model of cardiology practice. Our mission is to reduce the burden of heart disease, decrease heart disease-related hospitalizations and promote vitality and longevity by focusing on root causes of disease, such as inflammation and metabolic imbalances.
Our vision is to bring a personalized approach, based on functional medicine, into daily cardiac practices. Using lifestyle interventions for cardiovascular disease provides much more than traditional cardiac care. Integrated with evidence-based standards of care, we offer validated metabolic assessments, genetic testing, holistic nutrition and personalized selection of nutraceuticals.
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Our 3 Step Approach to Preventing & Treating Cardiovascular Disease

We provide full diagnostic evaluation and treatment of all cardiovascular conditions, and combine functional medicine with traditional approaches. The goal is to engage you, our patient, in setting yourself on a path to optimal energy and function for life.


We make sure to listen to all your concerns and evaluate all acute and chronic cardiac symptoms and conditions in adults.

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We use a full array of non-invasive cardiac testing, metabolic, hormonal and inflamation markers, and toxicity evaluations.

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Combines diet, exercise and pharmacological therapy with nutritional counseling, vitamins and supplements.

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Genomic Consults

Start with our functional medicine visits or genomic consults and proceed to the Functional and Integrative Theurapeutics based on Genome, Environment, Nutrition, Exercise, Supplements (FIT in Your GENES®) program that uses advanced testing for genetic, metabolic, inflammatory and hormonal imbalances, and clinical decision support to develop personalized lifestyle medicine solutions. The focus is on reducing the burden of heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and inflammation.

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Weight Loss & Integrative Wellness

Food as Medicine is a powerful and proven way to reverse and halt the progression of disease and improve energy, wellness and vitality. We use nutritional and metabolic profiling, proven to achieve results in over 10,000 patients. Our holistic program brings the best of modern medicine, including results of your genetic and inflammatory assessments, to match you to the best nutritional approach. Our Sleep and Stress Resiliency programs are important facets of Integrative Wellness, including HearthMath® training.

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Nutraceuticals & Medical Foods

Professional-grade, high-potency, scientifically validated medical foods and nutraceuticals are useful adjuncts to nutrition and exercise. We use foundational and condition-specific regimens that are personalized to fit your needs. This is a dynamic process, optimized to achieve the best result as your body begins to heal.

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Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island!

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"Dr. Druz was thorough, knowledgeable and very understanding. Her guidance and moving forward plan was on point and will enable me to increase my wellness."

- Kathleen W.

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