The Science Behind Positive Habit Building

When we start to form good habits, it can be very daunting and easily defeating as we often set wildly impossible goals for ourselves. Most times we ignore the reality of what it will take to reach our goals and we become frustrated when we realize that it is harder than we think. Specifically, eating and exercise habits are among the most popular areas where we encounter these personal obstacles. Dr. Regina Druz knows the difficulties of habit building, and helps her patients establish a good foundation so that they can achieve their goals with long-lasting results.

To make these habits a reality in your life focus should be placed on planning, triggers, and behavior change. While you want to be disciplined in these changes, you must make room to expect and welcome fallbacks and mistakes. It is human to error, but that doesn’t stop us from achieving what we are trying to get. As you plan, assess and break triggers, and begin gradual behavior change, you will build strength overtime by facing your fallbacks and building something that will be indestructible.

Another aspect that will help you break down barriers is to incorporate macro goals with micro quotas. You should dream about what you are ultimately trying to achieve, and you should dream it big; this is going to be your number one motivation for you to continue your journey. Your daily quotas will be the building pieces that will bring your dream together like a fitting puzzle. These short-term goals are miniscule in comparison and are used to help you build change you can trust and ultimately be the reason for helping you reach your dream. Dr. Druz uses these principles in her quest to help patients establish healthy eating and physical habits. As a cardiologist, she wants to help change the way her patients look at these habits and pave the way for  a sustained lifestyle change.

Making habits is more than changing your behavior, it involves a stronger transformation that becomes a part of who we are. We want your habits not to be something that you have to do, but something that you crave to do. At our office location in Mineola, Dr. Druz will be your partner in helping you set goals that are part of your reality!


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