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Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common inquiries explained in detail.

We truly appreciate your interest in the ICCLI - Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island! Please, feel free to Contact Us for any questions or concerns.


Integrative Cardiology

What is Integrative Cardiology?

Integrative cardiology brings together traditional medical treatments and functional medicine approaches to focus on causes of symptoms and treatment of the entire organism. It incorporates advances in pharmacogenomics, metabolic, nutritional, and exercise approaches in addition to pharmacological treatments and cardiac procedures and interventions. More information can be found in Our Care and Our Programs sections.

Are There Guidelines for Integrative Cardiology?

There are no specific published guidelines but many scientific sources are available with research and evidence supporting many of the tests and treatment approaches.

Office Visit

What Can I Expect at my Office Visit?

A thorough medical history will be taken, and nutritional, behavioral and fitness questionnaires will be filled out. After your physical exam and an ECG, a recommendation will be made for further testing, medical treatment, nutritional, behavioral counselling and an exercise or yoga program that fits your needs best.

Cardiac Testing

What Cardiac Tests Are Performed?

We perform all routine in-office cardiac tests such as echocardiogram, stress testing and blood testing. More specialized tests or diagnostics are done as needed, often in a hospital setting.

Are There Any Additional Tests Offered?

Specialized cardiac tests include evaluation of myocardial blood flow, and endothelial function. We also utilize commercially available pharmacogenomics testing for medications selection and guidance. Full sequence genetic testing is used in our weight loss program. Please, refer to description of diagnostic tests on Our Care page.

The Fit in Your GENES Program

What is the Fit in Your GENES Weight Loss Program?

Our Fit In Your Genes Weight Loss Program is a 12-24 week groundbreaking approach to weight loss. This program involves genetically guided evaluation for optimal macronutrients balance, exercise type and duration, and supplement optimization. The program includes holistic nutritional consults, detoxification and personalized nutraceutical selection. The program is conducted under physician supervision.

What is the Fit in Your GENES Metabolic Code Program?

The Metabolic Code Program aims to reduce the burden of cardiac disease and its risk factors, and promotes energy, vitality, and reduction in hospital-level care. The program aims to identify and treat metabolic and biochemical abnormalities that lead to heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia. Weight loss, improvements in blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and symptoms, and an increase in energy and vitality are goals of the program.

What is the Fit in Your GENES WellPath Program?

The WellPath Program is a personalized lifestyle medicine and anti-aging program that uses genetic and metabolic testing. The program provides individualized guidance on nutrition, exercise and supplements to optimize organ reserve and prevent disease. This program is a must for anyone looking for vitality and longevity. The program uses computerized decision support for optimal personalized lifestyle and anti-aging prescription.

How is the Fit in Your GENES Program different?

The main difference is concerned with genetic and metabolic markers, nutritional and supplemental strategies that are used in the programs. The selection of a particular program depends on your history, physical exam, prior test results and patient preferences and needs.

Will I Be Able to Afford These Programs?

Your office visit, blood tests and cardiac tests are covered by your insurance subject to your specific policy co-payment, deductible, and co-insurance. Our holistic cardiology consults, weight loss, integrative health and wellness, functional medicine and anti-aging programs are out-of-network. You can obtain further information about these programs here. All programs include personalized metabolic, genetic, and biochemical assessment, daily nutrition support through a web-based nutrition portal, a personalized exercise, yoga and diet modification program, meetings with a holistic nutritionist, and personalized detoxification, nutraceuticals & supplements prescriptions, recalibrated monthly. We offer discounts on purchase of vitamins and supplements through our local business partners or direct web-based distributors. The supplement prescriptions are highly individualized, and we carefully choose our suppliers to deliver the most potent, pure, and safely manufactured ingredients at considerable savings vs. the off-the-shelf store brands. You can purchase supplements through our office, a distributor website, or on your own. We maintain relationships with nationally recognized compounding pharmacies to deliver the most efficient and effective combinations to all of our patients.

How Would I Know That The Programs Work?

Will my numbers improve?

Compliance with medications and consistent effort in diet and exercise are key for improvement. We will follow blood pressure, lipid tests, exercise tolerance, endothelial function and body composition as some of the objective measurements of success.

Will I lose weight if I use Detox or Supplements?

There are no magic bullets. While supplements and detoxification are helpful adjuncts to weight loss, they cannot substitute for sustained effort in getting regular exercise, changing adverse behavior patterns, and following a metabolically sound diet plan.

What do you expect to accomplish with these programs?

We hope to achieve the American Heart Association goal of increasing by 20% the number of patients who succeed at all 7 measurements of cardiac health by 2020. Read the blog posts to follow along and find out more about this worthwhile initiative! The ICCLI - Integrative Cardiology Center of Long Island - creates a new model of cardiology practice. Our pioneering programs aim to promote long-lasting weight loss, reduce the burden of heart disease, and decrease heart disease-related hospitalizations. More importantly, they promote vitality and longevity. Join us today, and experience the transformative power of integrative medicine!


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